Monday, December 31, 2012

Enjoy Now


    As we wrap up with 2012, can you just take a moment to reflect on how the year's events have brought you to today?  The trials that have made you stronger, the joys that have blessed you and the faithfulness by God through it all.
    Sometimes we are so caught up in tomorrow that we lose the joy of the present day.  We often worry about things that never happen.  Isn't each and every day a gift to be cherished?  I like some days with no rush and no agenda to just enjoy the relaxation of the day.
   'Do not fret because of those who are evil or be envious of those who do wrong;  for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away.'  There will always be danger and opposition to the righteous way of living but we must have faith in God's protective hand over us.  The main objective of evil is to steal our joy.  Don't let yourself be robbed.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Next Year Worries

Psalms 105:5

     Are you worried about the next year and the uncertainty that it holds?  Do you wonder if the things of the past year was your last time around?  I have a few things on my plate that make my mind wander into questioning how things will turn out.  It is human nature to be intimidated by things out of our control.  The 'what ifs' followed by the 'then what' can wreck havoc with our peaceful lives.  Not many of us like surprises that weren't somewhat planned or expected.
     As I was reading my daily verses, the verse above reminded me that I have nothing to worry about.  I can  verify God's faithfulness in all my times of trouble in my past and He always carried me through.  If I didn't have trials, how would I know He could fix them?  'You will protect me' is His promise of safety.  'You reach out your hand' is His covering over our lives.  'The power of your right hand saves me' is His outreach to us that is always waiting for us to cling to.
    God brings events and people into our lives with a purpose.  Some are blessings, some are lessons and some are both.  'The Lord will work out His plans for my life.'  It's not about my plans for this life, but about the life planned before I even existed.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Dessert and Everything Else

Irony, delicious irony

    Well if there is any two weeks of the year that I want to be on prednisone, then it is the two weeks surrounding Christmas.  It literally changes my brain and body to eat more than I ever's great.  My aunt made me a chocolate pie and I've eaten all of it myself minus one piece I shared.
    When my body is stressed by a cold, then my go to for relief is often the steroid, prednisone.  Often people seek relief from stress with food, and likely desserts.  YUM.  Luckily I'm only under the weather occasionally or I'd be a
     Where do you turn for stress relief?  Prayer can change your mind and body responses too.  It opens us up to thoughts beyond our own.  It can clear our pathways to direct us in a new light.  Remember, the power of prayer never goes out.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Throwback Thursday

       Well, Way Back Wednesday got thrown into Thursday by the great big Christmas snowstorm of 2012.  We got over 10 inches of snow that caused major power outages across the state... including my internet.
       Anyways this is my last Way Back Wednesday post.  I've tried this past year to share pictures and stories from my life's journey thus far that has made me who I am today.  I chose these last two pictures as a reflection of what I think still sticks with me.  I'm slim with a sense of adventure and a smile.
      When God made me, He knew I needed to be petite.  He thought of my weight before I even gained a pound.  He knew I would need to be carried at times so my weight has enabled me to go and do things more than others.
      As I proudly hold my caught fish, I'm filled with pride and a sense of achievement.  I think my life has shown an attitude of 'get er done.'  I believe in a can-do focus in life and not one of excuses, valid or not.  Don't just dream about things, wakeup and get started on it.
     Smiling is in my DNA and is present most of the time.  Knowing that everything will work out for my good in the end helps me on the stressful days to find a smile somewhere within me.  You can find good in everything and that's how I choose to see life.
    What childlike characteristics still reside in you........

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


this says it all for all of us

     I hope that whether you're reading this on Christmas day or days later, that you had a wonderful day celebrating the birth of Jesus.
    What makes His birth different? He was born of a virgin birth. He was sent as a sacrifice to save the world from our sins.  He is God in the flesh, who bore our burdens just like we do but without sin.  He has the name above all names.  He came to show us the power of God thru miracles.  He conquered the grave thru His resurrection.
    Christmas is about Christ.  Each of us is an Innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus. May your hearts and minds be open and consumed with His presence all year long.

Monday, December 24, 2012



    'God owes us nothing but gives us everything.'  This is the season for giving all because God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son.  The greatest gift ever that redeems us and conquers the grave.  He loved and thought of us first.
    Anne Frank said 'no one has ever become poor by giving.'  That is so true because giving has such a boomerang effect that you can't help but to be hit by a blessing.  Whatever we give, monetary or time, it is the thoughtfulness that makes it worthy at all.
    My new helper has the thoughtfulness of giving little things down pat.  I'll give you one example of a little thing that counts for so much more.  The bedroom/bathroom where I take a shower is 'the' coldest room in the house.  Even with space heaters, I think it could snow in there at times.  Well if you think stepping into a shower is cold then try sitting on an ice block of a chair.  Yes, it's a shock to the system.  Well without even being asked, she runs hot water over the chair.  So now it's like sitting on a heating pad.  A little thought meant alot to my comfort.  Priceless.
     The best things in life really are free.  It may take some thought and effort but they are there in you for the giving. 'The measure of your life will not be in what you accumulate but in what you give away.'
     2 Corinthians 9;11  'You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.'

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Joy in my Heart and Apartment


    Jelly is the only thing that makes a peanut butter sandwich edible to me and I like lots of it.  Joy is what makes life bearable and I like lots of it too.  So Saturday night, I was visited by the FBF carolers and what joy boosters they are.  From ages 5 to over 75, it is great to see people spreading the spirit of Christmas all around the community.  Yes they visit the retirement center and other homes to spread the joy around.  I not only got music to my ears but goodies for my belly.
    The joy didn't end when they left because I also received tonight a new cd by the soon to be famous 'REAL Entertainers.'  They are four young sisters who play the accordion, penny whistle, violin and harmonica.  They use their talents to spread joy at all different kinds of events and elderly centers.  I listened to my cd and enjoyed it very much.  Tiger even came out from under the bed and sat in front of my jukebox to get prime acoustical sound for herself.  I think she approved.
     May you do your best to be the jelly of joy to the belly of the world.  Spread it on thick.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

What to Do

Words to live by ~

    Okay so you may still be thinking about yesterday's blog and wondering what to do to make things happen for the better in 2013.  I think the top ten list caption above is a great foundational list to begin with.

    'Doing right' is always the right move.  Don't do it to impress or to get a gold star but because you know it's agreeable with God's purpose for you.
    'Forgiving' is a grace giving move and benefits you more than them.  How can we ask for what we aren't willing to give?
    'Worry' robs you of today.  The things we worry about most, never happen.  God has it covered and under control so hand over those burdens.
    'Judge not' for you will be measured by the same amount.  ouch.. I try to remember 'hate the sin but love the sinner' because we all fall short.
   'Stay true' because your beliefs will back your character more than anything.  Don't be lukewarm but hot or cold.
   'Pray' for the will of God in all things.  Our plans are biased and short sighted.  Let Him guide the way, even when we don't understand it in the hallways of life.
   'Prioritize' the eternal destiny you have plans for.  Don't get caught up in the worldly ways of life's pressures but make daily time for Him.
   'God first' should be above all else.  There is no one more giving, dependable, and trustworthy.  God first, others second, and you third.
  'Asking' is the first step to receiving.  Don't give up because your past your own set timeline, it's all in His timing.
  'Obedience' is what God wants from us.  He gave us a guidebook to help us avoid the pitfalls out there but it is up to us to follow those commands.

    So there is your to-do list for the days to come.....make it happen and you'll be happier and blessed for it.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Make It Happen

The 10 things successful people do differently. #business #success

     There are 3 types of people...1] those who make things happen, 2] those who watch things happen, and 3] those who ask 'what the heck just happened'.  Who are you?  A doer, a sideliner, or just clueless.  Every day is a new opportunity to make the most out of your life, it's not done for you.
     With the new year arriving soon, it is time to evaluate 2012 and plan for 2013. Can you see patterns that you need to avoid and change?  Insanity is repeating behavior and expecting different results.
     The greatest change you can make is giving up your old self for a new life in Christ.  Only you can make it happen in your heart.  Don't let another year of 'doing things my way' rob you of who you were meant to be and the service you were meant to do for the Lord.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Meeting Face to Face

The circle of life.

     Well this past Monday, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my facebook friends and a loyal blog follower.. Cathy.  She is my dad's college roommate's sister.  Isn't it strange how the circle of friends in our lives evolves.  She was twelve back then.
      Cathy is doing a peanut butter drive for a food pantry/outreach center so my donation sparked our reason to meet face to face.  She also came bearing gifts, 2 necklaces.  One was from Amazina Ministries, where women in Uganda make them.  The program helps keep them from a life of prostitution, digging in the trash and alcohol brewing. All of which are means of survival there.  I hope to share the story each time I wear the pretty purple necklace.
     Our visit was an encouragement to both of us.  We both knew about each other but a face to face meeting is so much more insightful and rewarding.
      As true it will be when we meet our Maker that we've learned about.  What a glorious day that will be!
1 Corinthians 13:12  ''For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.''

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Way Back Wednesday.......California 1979


    These are pictures from me and my mom's trip in 1979 to see my Aunt Ann and Uncle Ebbe.  My mom went out there with her twin as a teenager and this was my second trip there.  I was 8 here but at ages 10-12 I flew out there alone for 3 weeks each summer.
     Disneyland was always on our to do list but the list of other places is just too long to list.  Such fun and adventure awaited me with each visit.
     The second and third pictures are from Twin Falls in Yosemite.  Yes we climbed that mountain of a hill to the top of the waterfall.  They had a camper so we stayed at the park several days.  I was the head waitress at taking menu orders at meal times.
     Knott's Berry Farm was one of the many amusement parks they took me to.  I loved the rides and the thrills.  My uncle always had to have a coffee/pastry break about 3pm so a little patience was being taught amidst all the fun.
     Yes that's me on the edge.  Life is a balancing act of trust, no fear and getting out there and making things happen.  I'm thankful to my aunt and uncle for helping me see the world on a larger scale at a young age because the memories last forever.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” - John Wooden

     Do you have followers in your life?  Of course, we all do.  It may be children, friends, family, co-workers or even strangers.  Our influence goes beyond our short sightedness.  You are being observed and judged more than you know.
     We form opinions about who we want to be like and who we never want to imitate.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  'Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.'  Ephesians 5;1  That is part of our sanctification journey, to become more and more like Him.
     Can you say He is pleased by what is becoming of you?  Are you a godly role model to your followers?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mr. Snowman Says

pink, red snowman stampendous - love the saying on this card!!!

    My little 4 year old friend, Mackenzie, made and gave me today a snowman ornament that she made.  She is as cute as a bug but her giving spirit takes her over the top of beautiful.
    Since she's so young, she is few on words.  But what does her gift say to me?  I was thinking of you.  I'm your friend.  I have love in my heart for you.  I took time for you.  Merry Christmas.
   May all your good deeds and gifts this season be as precious and thoughtful as this little babe's were.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Meaning

     "If Jesus Christ had never been born, it would be always winter but never Christmas."   C. S. Lewis

     ''The greatest gift of all....Jesus Christ.''

     ''The first King size bed... a manger in a stable.''

       May we never forget the true meaning of Christmas all throughout the year.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Spirit Within

     Yesterday I was watching a show that dealt with death.  The spouse was mourning over the body of her husband.  While I recognize the loss of a person's physical presence, it is the spirit and soul of a person that we truly love.  It is important to focus on the life of a person, not the death. As C.S. Lewis says 'we are not a body, we are a soul in a body.'  We need to accept and recognize how fast we will all wither away, just like a flower.  However we are taken home is not what we want to be remembered for.  I don't anyway.  Maybe my blog book will help loved ones remember good times and what was important enough to me to write about.
     No one can sustain their health on their own or forever.  God has sustained me beyond what human minds could ever predict.  His Spirit lives in me and through me.  Only He knows when our numbered days are over.
     I just wanted to write this because I know death is tough but it shouldn't shut you down and out of life.  I know this happens but no one would wish that for the living.  Believers can just look forward to that 'glad reunion day' because 'I've got a mansion just over the hilltop' and 'we will meet on that beautiful shore.'

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Way Back Wednesday--- Settle Down

     Have you ever wondered what you look like when you're mad?  Well here's my snapshot.  Who said honeymoons are all roses?  Ha.  I don't remember why I was upset and in there lies the blog lesson of today.  Being mad can make anyone ugly.  Before we make a mountain out of a mole hill, we should take a moment of reflection in our hearts and minds...and the mirror.  'Will I remember this a year from now?' is a good question to ask yourself before going ballistic on someone.
    Maturity should bring about a cooler, calmer and less easily provoked sense of anger.  That is not true in everyone but I can say it's true for me.  If you think I'm still hot headed, then just be glad you know me now, not before.  ha.  Humility is part of my work in progress journey.
   'A wise man keeps his anger under control but a fool gives full vent to his anger.'  Proverbs is a good source of how to become wiser in our foolish bodies.  'Settle down' is another good rule of thumb.  Count to 10 or a 100 to get yourself under control and avoid a snapshot like mine above.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


    Well this is a very hard lesson to learn and remember.  Alot of us are people pleasers so we think others will do, what we would do.  That is not the case.  People will disappoint us, as much as we disappoint ourselves and others. We have to be careful not to become fault finders but to give grace.  The my way road can steer us to unflexibility, harsh attitudes and self-centeredness.  Let's all take a moment to sigh.. yes we've all been there.
    Do not put your trust in man.  A famous quote but hardly ever followed completely.  People sometimes think a new baby will fix a broken relationship.  How wrong and what a burden to put on someone.  People sometimes think if I meet the right person then my world will be complete.  You can't be happy or make someone else happy, until you are satisfied with yourself first.
   So do we just set the bar lower?  I think it's a mixed answer.  We should give without expecting anything in return.  We should expect of ourselves, the same expectations we set for others.  Know that being let down is par for the course of life, don't dwell on it.
    God will never disappoint His children.  You can trust Him completely and expect great things beyond your understanding.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Way We Dress

The way we dress

    This caption is true for myself.  I'm one who likes to get up and get dressed.  I'm not an all day pajama person.  You never know who will drop by or what you'll suddenly have to go do... so be ready.
     It affects my thinking by altering my plans for the day.  Sometimes I will change my outfit because I don't feel cute enough to go out.  Vain? be it.  Dress for success as they say.
     My clothes are a reflection of my mood and vice versa.  I have certain clothes I wear when I'm sick.  I can spruce up my mood by putting on a favorite or new item.
    I've gotten rid of all my old interview clothes because they're too business like.  I don't want to act all formal now days.  It's just not me.
    Our reactions may be too quick but we all have an opinion.  We don't have to dress to impress but we shouldn't shock others either.  Less is not more when it comes to clothing and covering your body.
    Just put a little thought in what you wear.  It's good for you and others.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Phrases of 2012

    I thought I would write a little about a few phrases that seem to have been used this year that I've come to notice.  If they're not new to you, then maybe it's just different to me.

    'REALLY?'--  If I don't say it outloud, it sure doesn't mean I haven't thought it.  I think this one syllable word has replaced the three syllable word, Seriously?.  I think the shorter the word, the more emphatically we can say it.  It's short for 'I can't believe they just did that.'
   'OCCUPY WALL STREET'--  aka slackers who want to live in a tent in the city instead of working.  This so-called protest movement was media driven and went no where.  The 99 percent they called themselves rarely even knew what their purpose was, except to draw attention.
   'JEGGINGS'--  the wonderful idea of joining jeans and leggings into one item of clothing.  I love them.  The comfort of denim with the slim look of leggings.  Not intended for all sizes or men, just sayin'.
   'HOT MESS'--  this is a sarcastic description of something thrown together and a jumbled collection of disorder.  I've heard it recently at an ornament party and about my table here in my room.  Yes, it has a lil sting to it but if it's true, it
  'OBAMANOMICS'--  you earn it, while Obama gives it away.  The debt sentence for America. The trickle up theory of poverty.

   While there is nothing new under the sun, we can be assured the Word of God will never change and will stand the test of time.  That is where I find the phrases to put my hope and trust in.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Vitamin F

Friends FOREVER!... My Vitamin "F"

Vitamin F......  I loved this from an email I received and wanted to share it with you...   
Why do I have a variety of friends who are all so different in character?  How can I get along with them all?  I think that each one helps to bring out a "different" part of me.   With one of them I am polite. With another, I joke.  I sit down and talk about serious matters with one.  With another I laugh a lot.  I listen to one friend's problems.  Then I listen to another one's advice for me.  My friends are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  When completed, they form a treasure box.  A treasure of friends!  They are my friends who understand me better than I understand myself.  They're friends who support me through good days and bad.  We all pray together and for each other. Doctors tell us that friends are good for our health.   Dr. Oz calls them Vitamin F (for Friends) and counts the benefits of friends as essential to our well being. Research shows that people in strong social circles have less risk of depression and terminal strokes. If you enjoy Vitamin F constantly you can be up to 30 years younger than your real age. The warmth of friendship stops stress and even in your most intense moments, it decreases the chance of a cardiac arrest or stroke by 50%.   I'm so happy that I have a stock of Vitamin F!   In summary, we should value our friends and keep in touch with them. We should try to see the funny side of things and laugh together and pray for each other in the tough moments.  Thank you for being one of my Vitamins! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012


    Well Tigger is right about the ability to bounce back.  We have all been in a slump before from an illness, a discouraging time or even just a bad day.  We can't let a bad day make us think we have a bad life.  We have to bounce back even if we don't land on the target we aimed for.
    I feel like I'm still trying to bounce back from my 2010 hospital stay.  I've bounced further than others expectations but not my own.  I really want to land back in my old scooter but my new chair is where I've landed so far.. and thats a blessing too.
    Recovery from anything on any level is not an easy task.  'It'll be a long, hard road,' as my doctor said.  Even our national debt is an example of how low we can get.  How low can you go?  People can get so low as to think there is no hope.  There is always hope and God's grace is sufficient.  It may not get you all you want but it will meet all your needs.
    So put a spring in your spirit and keep moving forward.  Your bounce is what counts.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Way Back Wednesday.....Crowds


     This is a picture from one of my trips to Mexico.  The all inclusive resort has a show every night for their guests and this is where it took place.
     At night, this place had all the seats filled and was very crowded.  Do you ever feel alone in the crowd?  I sometimes get overwhelmed by crowds, unless I'm on a shopping mission.  There are times when we need to escape from the crowds of life and have alone time.  Even Jesus escaped to solitude to have quiet time and prayer with the Father.
     Do you find quiet time?  Do you stay on the constant go with the world?  If you're too busy for God, then you're busier than He ever intended you to be.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


    How many times have you wanted things to be different but are unwilling to change? Whether it's work, relationships or whatever you're not happy with, make a plan of change. People complain about different aspects of their lives but the idea of doing something different hasn't entered their minds yet.  So much talent is lost in the world because people lack the courage to show it.  It does take desire and courage to take action in a different direction, other than your routine.  It's not going to be easy but it will be worth it.
    This is true also in becoming a new believer.  Your perspective will change and choices should too.  Your desire for a relationship with God will help you to let go of your wants of the old self.  To stay strong, we need daily encouragement to not fall back.
    How strong is your desire to fly?  Is the fear of change holding you back?  A whole new way of living in this world awaits you.  Take the first step out of your cocoon.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Garvan Woodland Gardens

     We went to Garvan Woodland Gardens on Saturday night.  The weather was perfect to enjoy seeing the 2 million lights on the 17 acre property.  We got there about the time they opened and I was glad to have avoided the huge crowds coming in as we left.  It is a must-see holiday stop.  They have golf cart tours for those who can't walk long distances.  We all had a good time and spent over 2 hours here.
      As we were leaving, we went to see the chapel.  It's a smaller version of the one at Eureka Springs.  As we went in there were 2 couples up front taking pictures.  I thought they were just goofing around until one man got down and proposed to the woman with a ring box in hand.  Aww.  I felt a little intrusive but it was sweet to see the special moment.

Saturday, December 1, 2012




1. Pray for our hospital ministry. We will be going the 21st of December, taking sweet bread and coffee, tracts and a year-long devotional book similar to Our Daily Bread. We are also planning to sing Christmas Carols and have some of the kids play their instruments.
2. We are also planning a church-wide evangelistic outreach a few days before Christmas. We will take tracts, sing Christmas carols and again the kids will be playing their instruments. Our plan is to go to a neighborhood where some members of our church live.
3. May each of you have a blessed Christmas time as you consider our Savior's coming and contemplate His Second Coming.


1.  Please continue praying with us for the villagers in Arumbaro, who study the Bible with us and several church members.
2.  Pray for the current construction needs at the camp.  We hope to begin building new apartments in mid-January.


1. Ability to teach clearly and correctly in Spanish.
2. Protection and endurance to serve well here in Puruandiro.
3. Fruit in our evangelistic efforts.


1.       Pray for Thailand! The country is just now coming through celebrating the Loy Kratong Festival of Light and Sound! Pray that people would be drawn to Christ, the True Light and away from Satan, the Angel of Light! Also pray that they would hear and listen to the Word of God calling out to the them. 
2.       Pray for yourselves and us that God’s still small voice, through His Word, would drown out the many distractions that come our way every day. 


1.        Literacy --- Monnah, Francis and I are meeting each Saturday night as I continue to take them through the literacy course.  Both are doing very well reading and writing --- writing the Glaro language, with all of its tone, is a real challenge, but they’re doing very well at this early stage.  My prayer is that it would be these two young men who will be the ones to ignite the interest of other Glaro young people to learn to read and write their mother tongue, and that these two would even become the literacy teachers.
2.       Translation --- is going very well.  I’ve had two weeks recently where all four of those I have been wanting to help me do comprehension checks have actually come, which means the I’ve been able to send more completed chapters to my consultant!  The prayer request where translation is concerned is that these 4 will continue to come each week, especially through the end of this year.  I’d love to have 8 more chapters in the hands of my consultant by December 31.

Friday, November 30, 2012



    Do you lie awake at night thinking about things?  I know I do.  I just can't seem to shut my brain off and go to sleep.  I don't think about one thing and move on to the next, but instead I get caught in a repetitive loop. I think about things I plan to do the next day or how I want to approach something.  I often think of Howard Hughes in his obsessive repetitive thoughts and going crazy.  Now I'm thinking about overthinking.. aghhh.
    What are you thinking about?  Phillipians 4;8  ''Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.''  Thinking about what might have been, if?'s a waste of time.  We are to learn from the past, be and live in the present and prepare for the future.
    Overthinking is probably a control issue.  Wanting to do things right and with a plan in mind.  That's okay to a point but intentions mean nothing if not put into action.  Some thoughts need to be slept on tho to keep you from putting it into action.

Thursday, November 29, 2012



    Cookies are baking in the house today, oatmeal raisin and chocolate peanut butter.  I have friends coming over to visit today.  I like to have some special treat to share with them.  We share our thoughts, laughs and experiences.
    Sharing is caring.  Can you really fully enjoy something without sharing it with someone else?  When we share, we include others in whatever we're going thru.  Joys are more joyful and sorrows are better understood.
    Sharing the last cookie lets the other person know you're thinking about more than yourself.  That is what we're called to do, 'love thy neighbor as thy self.'  There is no thought of self-centeredness when you share.
     Dare to share...your wealth, your time, your possessions, your faith, and more.  It is better to give than to receive so bless yourself by blessing others first.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Way Back Wednesday..... Someday

   Do you ever see things and think someday I'd like to have this?  This is a picture from 1995 when my mom and I took a trip to Oregon.  This was one of our overnight stops and I thought the place was pretty cool.  See the handle on the wall?  That was the murphy-style drop down bed.  How cool is that, you wouldn't even need to make the bed.  The place was also on ocean front property with large dome-like rocks nearby.  There is just a relaxing feeling you get from the ocean.  It's been said, 'no matter how many times it is rejected, the water keeps kissing the shore.'
    I'm happy enough with my home here on earth.  I guess it's never too early to make plans for my eternal home.  Although, I know my thoughts are way simpler than what He has in store for me.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's All Good

Face the bumps with a smile.

     I've heard a lot of distressing news lately about sickness, death and just daily struggles of others.  It makes me appreciate the blessings in my life more.
    Some wonder why we have struggles but there is value in them.  Perseverance --the greater the obstacle, the greater the glory in overcoming it.  Romans 5;2-4 ''And we boast in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.''  If you hadn't been there and done that thru a struggle, could you've ever known you could make it thru it?  Our battle stories help others while they are going thru a similar fight.  Everyone you meet is fighting a battle of some kind so be merciful.
     Life is good....and it's all good.  Even the girl in the caption is going thru the bumps and rocky spots of life but she can smile thru it all.  She even has one hand off the steering wheel because she knows Who really has got it all under control.

Monday, November 26, 2012



     What is in a smile?  It can be an expression, communication, or an addition to your wardrobe.  A smile is a way of giving your approval.
     A smile expresses the happiness you feel inside.  They are contagious too.  Doesn't it make you feel good to see someone smile?  'Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn.'
    'Everyone smiles in the same language.'  There is so much said with just a smile.  Hello across the room is often my message sent with my smile.
    'You're never fully dressed without a smile.'  Whatever you're wearing, a smile will turn it up a notch.  A smile is worth a mile of glitter and glam... and it's free.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


haha so true!

    Tis the season for Germ-X.  Well that's not exactly true, it's important all year long to me.  I keep a big bottle of it next to my bed.  I know it burns but it is kind of funny when someone uses it and breaks out in a little raindance and hollars ow-ow-ow, like an Indian.
    I think our true friends can act like Germ-X too.  They can point out our weak areas to us that we may not see ourselves.  They can help us get the dirt out of our lives and lead us to purer lives.  They can burn us with a rebuke for our own good.
    So whether it's Germ-X or Friend-X, consider them a good thing keeping you from the bad things in this world.  'As iron sharpens iron, so does a friend.'