Tuesday, July 26, 2011

new restaurant review

we went to the new cajun restaurant, cayennes, in jacksonville. i recommend it. good service w/good food. buffet or menu offered. i prefer the menu myself. tues is half price appetizers so you can try several different things.  it wasn't too spicy either.

if you believe it, you can do it

i am a big believer in confidence in yourself. i don't know if you're born with it, taught it, or its a learned response. i know i've achieved goals in my life despite my disabilities because of believing i'm as capable as the next guy. i've had others say 'you can't' or 'you won't'. that just pushes me to prove otherwise. so be your own best motivator, cheerleader and driver. others can encourage but its up to you ultimately.

where do i begin?

i really don't know where this blog will lead me. the blog is named from my diary days as a child. i would often write whatever happened that day and end it with 'and that's that.'