Monday, September 5, 2011

40th party

Here are a few pictures of my 40th birthday party for those of you not on facebook.  It was a great time of 32 friends, barbeque, cake, and music. If I'd known 40 was so great, I'd done it a long time

Friends Change

     'You don't have to change friends if you realize friends change.'  Have you heard that before? We all change hopefully as we mature and grow into new stages of our lives. For example, whether you've been over time blessed with a family of your own or been struck by sickness or injury, we must be accepting of that change. Thoughts like 'geez, can't you go out alone?' or 'its just not like it used to be' can be detrimental to a 'true friendship.'
     Two friends, I'll call A and B, that I grew up with are an example of this. Friend A has accepted my physical changes over the years but yet can talk to me as if I hadn't changed at all. I see her kids as just an extended part of her now. Friend B lived down the street from me 9 of the past 10 years and yet hasn't stopped by once, with invitation. Through talk from others, I know how her life has changed. I'd rather not be friends than to be fake friends.
     I know its easy to grow apart and distance can sometimes interfere but I encourage you to stay in touch with your true friends. Realize tho their demands in their lives may have changed, be understanding and accomadating to those needs.