Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Who Would It Be?

Who would it be?

         Before I give my answer, I would like everyone who comments to answer the question for themselves.  We may not know the person you're talking about but whoever you choose will reflect something about you as well.
        My choice comes from the past because they aren't available at this point in my journey.  I would choose my Uncle Jim.  He had diabetes and was a double amputee but that in no way defined him.  He was a husband, father and a hard worker to say the least.  If I choose one word to describe him, it'd be 'inspiring.' When I was a young adult, he told me 'Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can or can't do.'  He worked for the AR Hwy Dept but he was also an inventor.  He designed an electric horse for kids with disabilities to ride and compete in.  He was a believer who trusted in God's path for him.  In the end, he knew his time was near and that no medical intervention was going to delay his homecoming.  His hardships in life gave him wisdom but greater than that was his faith that gave him peace.
       I'm sure an hour with my Uncle Jim wouldn't be enough so I look forward to our reunion on that heavenly shore one day.