Monday, September 10, 2012


~ JESUS Is My Life Insurance ~

       Insurance is a costly, yet needed form of security in our lives.  My medical insurance coverage has ranged in cost from being reasonable to taking every extra dollar I had.  I have drawn from it as a resource to cover many bills on many occasions.  I will never default on letting this coverage go, I can't afford to.  I know that the Great Physician is in charge but I don't dismiss what He provides thru earthly means for me.  I have seen in the news, where parents have denied treatment for their kid's illness.  Then people are angry because they say God didn't intervene?  Isn't God's provisions for our care provided in all different kinds of ways?   He sent medicine, doctors, etc. and they still claim nothing was done.
       Are you insured?  Does your coverage include full compensation for your eternal future?  As the caption above indicates, there is no monetary price that can be paid by you.  It was pre-paid in advance by Jesus.  It does require a surrendering of your will to His and a belief in the Son of Man sent to save us from our sins.
       Are you in Good Hands?  Are you planning for  Bottom line, a better value.  Give your child an advantage for life.  These are just a few insurance slogans that are used by companies today.  They all apply to the life insurance that is provided only by Jesus.  Sign up today, and make sure your name is written in the Book of Life.