Monday, January 14, 2013


    We have all received bad or no service at a restaurant or a store. We complain with  ''Isn't there anyone working here that can help me?''  We want others to be there and do for us, especially when it's their job.  Patiently waiting is a rare quality in the human race.
    Isn't it our job to work for the Kingdom?  Is God patiently waiting for you to get started?  The song is true, 'there is joy, joy, joy in serving Jesus.'  There is such a rewarding feeling that comes from helping another soul.
    Right now the men from my church are in Mexico helping build apartments for the Camp Berea outreach program. Yes, it requires time off work, volunteer labor and costly supplies.  When you ask God to 'make me a servant', then you do it willingly with the right heart.  You don't grumble and say 'oh what's this going to involve.'
    'Do unto others as you'd have them do to you.'  Putting yourself in the place of others in your mind will help you see their need and spark your heart to fill that need.