Saturday, January 19, 2013

Till Tomorrow?

Procrastinators who say, “There’s always tomorrow!” deny the reality that one day, they will be wrong.

     Which do you prefer?  'Don't do today, what you can put off till tomorrow.' or 'Don't put off till tomorrow, what you can get done today.'  Well that depends on what it is, right?  Is it a priority to you or an eye sore that bothers you?  There are some things that can be delayed but eventually it will all catch up with you.  Like the dishes, you can refuse to wash them but soon there won't be a clean dish in the house.. your time is up.
     Our lives are on the clock and we don't know when the alarm will sound.  Are you prepared?  The decision to believe in God's only Son is one that many people foolishly think they can delay.  Tomorrow is not promised to us, but yet we so often take it for granted.
     My eternal future is secure in the One who paid my debt for me.  You can't pay it yourself so start today in trusting the One who has prepared the way for you.