Friday, June 28, 2013

Who is Good?

I want weekends off

   Well this caption makes me think of the firestorm against Paula Deen by the media and her sponsors.  I think it is wrong and hypocritical to disown her for things said in the past, off air and apologized for.  We are all sinners and not one of us is good.  Our comparison scale is biased when we say 'well I'm better than him/her' because our only example of true good is Jesus.  We all fall short when we stand next to His example.
   Yes, cast the first stone if your words have never been ugly or disrespectful.  Yes, never ever?  The stone you throw should boomerang back to you and hit you square between the eyes because you are blinded to your own sin.
   Forgiveness is the answer, not the pointing of the finger.  When you point your index finger, your three other fingers point back to you.  May those who want to blame be put to shame and may peaceful bliss come from forgiveness.