Tuesday, January 3, 2012

FBF Prayer Requests for January


1. Pray for wisdom for us this year, in planning other evangelistic outreaches and considering various ideas for evangelism.  We feel an urgency to focus much time and energy on evangelism this year, as we are convinced that the time is SHORT before the Lord’s coming!
2. Please pray for great wisdom for us concerning the decision about buying a piece of land in Arumbaro to be used for a permanent, central location for teaching Bible studies to larger groups together, holding children’s activities and advancing the work there in general.  The land we were considering, which was ideal, has doubled in price within a few months.  Pray that if the Lord wants us to have this land, the owner would soon return the offer to his original, more sensible price (which was even a little on the high side).

1. Please, continue to pray for Coral. She has decided to follow Christ and to break up the engagement, but he, Mario, does not understand or want to leave the relationship. We need wisdom, and Coral needs strength to continue obeying God.
2. Please, continue to pray that the Lord would provide a missionary family to come and continue with the church planting ministry here in Puruandiro.

1.       Pray for the Avilez family as they plan a deputation trip to the US this March. Pray for churches and other opportunities to share the House of Hope Orphanage ministry!
2.       Pray that more of our kids would have a born again experience this year!

1.       Aaron & Amy Speitelsbach --- current partners.  They will begin their return from Monrovia, Liberia to the village (Freetown, Liberia) on January 5th (hopefully!) and should be back into full time language study beginning January 9th.  Pray especially for Aaron, that he will make good progress this year in his study and useage of Glaro --- that the Lord will help and enable him to learn, retain, and speak Glaro well! 
2.       Guy and Keyla Burkhead --- our potential partners.  Haven’t heard from them in a while.  They just finished up their training in December, and I know that he was needing gainful employment this year.  So, please pray for this need of his/theirs; and also for the Lord’s direction as to where they should serve --- i.e., w/NTM, and more specifically with the Glaro work; or, stateside in fulltime ministry.

You're an Example

''Sometimes the best thing you can do for others is to be a good example."

     They say the best sermon is one that is lived and not preached.  Others are watching you, whether you realize it or not.  The other day the oldest member of our church, Roy, said to me 'we missed you the other day.'  He noticed and remembered I had missed the Christmas morning service.  Your actions are stronger than your words to alot of people.  Alot of us don't know how or feel comfortable in witnessing to others verbally but the way in which you conduct yourself daily will speak volumes to others.  Others see how you respond to trials in your life, is it with fear or grace?  Others see who you credit your blessings to, are they self achieved or God granted? 
     Whether you're a child, a teen, or an adult, you are an example to others. Have you ever heard or thought 'well so and so did it, why can't I?'  Be a positive influence and example in the eyes and ears of others.