Thursday, June 14, 2012



     Do you know people who embellish the truth?  It makes you doubt some of the things they say in general.  Now did this little rabbit see a real giant carrot, a plastic carrot, a carrot grown in Alaska or is it a carrot he dreamed up?  I wonder if he's trying to rally the other rabbits into Mr. McGregor's garden with his impressive tale.
     When we are known to be truthful, people will take you at your word.  Exaggeration tho can lead to distrust.  Is exaggeration an attempt to get attention?  I'd rather hear your story, even if it's boring, in truth than with false embellishments.
     There is also the 'one-up' factor.  Some people feel the need to tell their better story as soon as yours is over.  I hate that.  It gives the impression that you didn't even care about the first story but that you just want to tell yours.  The Bible says do not boast on anything but the Lord.
     Just tell it like it is and say 'and that's that.'  No more and no less equals out to be just enough.

     Proverbs 12;19  ''Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment.''