Saturday, May 18, 2013

Stop, Right There


    STOP, right now and right where you are and tell God one thing you are grateful at this very moment.  This should be a habit several times a day in your daily life.  Worry stops us in our tracks and we don't even realize how much time and joy it steals from us.  How about generating some praise worthy thoughts back to God?
    'If we are not grateful for what we have, then what makes us think we'd be happier with more?'
It's like the story of the 3 men given talents/money, did they make more with it or hoard it for themselves and reap nothing?
    'Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.'  Yes, God knows your heart without words but doesn't He deserve your time and spoken thoughts?  Start each day with a grateful heart and throw in a few 'thank You' pit stops too.