Monday, May 28, 2018

True Freedom

        Memorial Day is a day of remembrance to the brave and heroic military persons that gave it all for us.  Today, we honor those who have served and sacrificed their lives, so that we may live freely and enjoy the freedom that America offers in our every day lives. 
        As great as our freedom is here in America, many are still bound by the chains of sin.  They do not know the freedom that is gained by knowing and accepting Jesus Christ, as their sin redeemer.  "The greatest freedom we can experience is the forgiveness of our sins, liberation from the strongholds that have held us captive, and the restoration of our relationship with our Maker and His creation."
        According to the Bible, men and women are either slaves of God or slaves to sin.  Rom. 6:16-18  " Do you not know that when you present yourselves to someone as slaves for obedience, you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin resulting in death, or of obedience resulting in righteousness? But thanks be to God that though you were slaves of sin, you became obedient from the heart to that form of teaching to which you were committed,and having been freed from sin, you became slaves of righteousness."  There is no middle ground. The latter serve Satan by feeding their own selfish impulses. Meanwhile, the “slaves of God” enjoy true freedom. They honor the Lord by keeping away from those things that imprison the body, emotions, or thoughts.  []
        "Awake, awake, Zion, clothe yourself with strength! Put on your garments of splendor, Jerusalem, the holy city. The uncircumcised and defiled will not enter you again. Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, Jerusalem. Free yourself from the chains on your neck, Daughter Zion, now a captive." Isaiah 52:1-2
        When I read the verse above, it encourages me to fully rely on God's love and words of encouragement.  It frees me from the hurtful words from the world.  Jesus leads my life, not people or their opinions.  Do you know how liberating that is?  It's a confirming feeling that I am on the right path in my life.  Psalm 56:11  "In God I trust and am not afraid. What can man do to me?"
rist came to set us free from the prisons we have lived in for far too long. When we clothe ourselves in the strength and splendor of our great God, no weapon forged against us will prosper. When we envelop our souls with his brilliance and power, we put on the armor of God–and his gleaming garments of light will push back the darkness of defeat. Instead of wallowing in the dust, we rise up as a royal priesthood, seated with Christ in the heavenly realms."
        The truth of God’s Word can set you free from the prison of shame, fear and defeat. Whenever you sense those lies creeping back in, remind yourself that you are covered, clothed, and surrounded by the strength and splendor of your Father.  

The Word of God holds many promises of freedom for those who put their trust in Jesus. For example, we have freedom: []
In Christ (John 8:36; Rom. 8:2; 2 Cor. 3:17; Gal. 5:1).
From sin (Acts 10:43; Rom. 6:6-7; 1 Cor. 10:13).
From fear (Rom. 8:15; Phil. 4:6-7; 2 Tim. 1:7 ).