Thursday, September 20, 2012

Not Needed

love one another

     On the news the other night, I heard that Walt Disney World is going to begin serving alcohol at one of their restaurants in the park.  Is that really needed?  I think adding alcohol is an invitation to trouble into 'the happiest place on earth.'  There will always be people who abuse privileges so why make it an option?  Their reasoning is that the alcohol will complement the French cuisine at the restaurant.  I say so will water or a coke.
     The Bible tells us that what goes into us doesn't defile us but what comes from our mouths does.  So I'm not a tee-totaler when it comes to alcohol.  It does say tho not to do anything that would tempt another's weakness.  So I just think that if Disney opens the gate to alcohol in one area, that it will spread and the temptation will as well.
     'The happiest place on earth' should be a kid-centered, protected place and not a bar for adults.  Alcohol doesn't make the world more interesting.