Saturday, August 6, 2011


     Do you consider yourself adaptable? Do you find a way to make things work or do you give up? I've had to adapt throughout my life, not being able to do things like I once could. We must try our best but we must also not be too proud to ask for and receive help from others.
     The best example of adaptability from my life is when I was learning to drive. My mom took me out to Camp Robinson to practice. I drove for a while with no problems. Then I went into an empty parking lot to practice parking. Ok, so park in that, thats not a good one. Ok, so how about that, its no good either. I was trying to stay calm yet freaking out inside. I couldn't put on the brake. Ok, just pick any spot. Too many circles around the lot makes one suspicious. My time was up, I had to confess 'I can't hit the brake.'  WHAT? She hit the brake and we went home. My dad figured out that the gas pedal was lower than the brake. So you had to lift your leg and slide it over to apply the brakes. What would you do, not drive or adapt? We adapted by raising the gas pedal to be even with the brake. I didn't get to drive alone for awhile until we were sure I was safe. Its funny in hindsight, lol.
     As we get older, we will all face things that are more difficult to do. If you don't believe me, ask anyone with arthritis. Learn to adapt, don't give in to the circumstance.