Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's a God Thing

    Yes, this is Tiger peeking around my laptop screen.  She is the sweetest cat and loves to be near me.  It was about a year ago when she got so sick with a blood clot and fell down the stairs.  There were so many times people would ask me, 'is she going to get better?'  I trusted she would even when the progress seemed so slow.  She went from not being able to walk to the litter box, to barely walking with great effort and then to one day unbelievably jumping on my bed to be beside me.  We have a lot in common including our daily meds twice a day, our spunk and our inner fight to live in spite of our disabilities.
    When she had her yearly checkup in April, the vet said she was doing well and that most cats don't survive a blood clot.  'It's a God thing' that I've had her with me this past year and hopefully many more to come.