Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Mask

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           Yesterday was the first time Lydia has brought her kids over for a playdate.  Her oldest son, 4 or 5 years old, is the most well spoken kid I know.  He is confident, articulate, matter of fact and has definite leadership skills.  On the way over to my house, he asked his mom the question that many are afraid to ask.  'Why does Angie wear a mask sometimes?  Did God make it that way?  Why did God make it that way?' Good questions from the mouth of a babe.
           The answer lies within muscle weakness.  The muscles that inflate and deflate my lungs are affected by a nerve disorder.  So, I'm like a bicycle with an old tire that needs air pumped into to make it ride better.  My mask gives me room air, not oxygen, so that my muscles can still work but with less effort and energy by me.  If you see football players on the sideline with a mask, they are getting oxygen to refuel their energy level quickly because of shortness of breath.  It's kind of the same concept.
           God did graciously provide my mask.  I used a more confining system for 13 yrs when I only needed help when I slept.  My mask is a great thing that allows me to be out and about like I want to be and not being stuck in and home bound.  Of course that means a lot more pride swallowing than I ever thought possible..  I care more about what makes me happy than what other people think of me.........a great lesson for all.
          We learn by asking questions so I'm glad to hear this little one is seeking wisdom and getting understanding.