Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Way Back Wednesday.......California 1979


    These are pictures from me and my mom's trip in 1979 to see my Aunt Ann and Uncle Ebbe.  My mom went out there with her twin as a teenager and this was my second trip there.  I was 8 here but at ages 10-12 I flew out there alone for 3 weeks each summer.
     Disneyland was always on our to do list but the list of other places is just too long to list.  Such fun and adventure awaited me with each visit.
     The second and third pictures are from Twin Falls in Yosemite.  Yes we climbed that mountain of a hill to the top of the waterfall.  They had a camper so we stayed at the park several days.  I was the head waitress at taking menu orders at meal times.
     Knott's Berry Farm was one of the many amusement parks they took me to.  I loved the rides and the thrills.  My uncle always had to have a coffee/pastry break about 3pm so a little patience was being taught amidst all the fun.
     Yes that's me on the edge.  Life is a balancing act of trust, no fear and getting out there and making things happen.  I'm thankful to my aunt and uncle for helping me see the world on a larger scale at a young age because the memories last forever.