Monday, April 10, 2017

He Gives!

        God gives us everything and this particular Psalm is a good account of our needs and gracious supply.  I can't think of anything missing... can you?  David lists here the benefits of the care bestowed upon us by the Good Shepherd to his beloved sheep.
        Matthew Henry says, "In this he had certainly an eye, not only to the blessings of God’s providence, which made his outward condition prosperous, but to the communications of God’s grace, received by a lively faith, and returned in a warm devotion, which filled his soul with joy unspeakable."
        From this Psalm, there are three conclusions for the believer:

1] The believer shall not want for anything that is good for them.
What does that mean?  It means God will supply for all your needs.  If your desires are not met, then it's either not the right time or it's not meant for your own good to have.  Isn't that a blessing!  Let my hands not be sticky, if it's meant to slip through my hands.  Let go of the desire for worldly pleasures and build your own storehouse of heavenly treasures.

2]The believer need not to be fearful of evil in the dangers around them.  
God's presence is always with the believer.  "We have the supports and comforts of this life from God’s good hand, our daily bread from him as our Father. The greatest abundance is but a dry pasture to a wicked man, who relishes that only in it which pleases the senses; but to a godly man, who tastes the goodness of God in all his enjoyments, and by faith relishes that, though he has but little of the world, it is a green pasture."   When we know and believe in God's care and watch over us, there is a peace that sustains us through the difficulties of this life.  It doesn't eliminate the dangers around us, but He gives us a calm sense of security when we call on Him in our anxious state of mind.
Even in death Jesus gives believers a peace with what is to come next.  Jesus, "That name therefore shall still be my strong tower, and shall assure me that he who has led me, and fed me, all my life long, will not leave me at last."

3]The believer is reminded of His continual mercy throughout one's life
David acknowledges that the provisions for his life were not just made for the necessities but that he was abundantly blessed and provided for.  "My cup runneth over."  We too are given mercy beyond measure..."pardoning mercy, protecting mercy, sustaining mercy, and supplying mercy."  David is confident in God's constant mercy, when he says 'Surely it will follow me all the days of my life.'  David goes even further to recognize God's goodness on into eternity for believers.  'Dwelling in His House, Forever'...there is no better place to be for eternity.  What a blessing that awaits us!

       I hope the 23rd Psalm fills your heart with a new light on how good God's care for us is overwhelmingly sufficient.  We need only to look to Him for all of our needs and desires.  He will not disappoint, like the world will.  Trust Him today, and forever more!