Friday, January 20, 2012

The W's of Life


     I thought this was a good caption on some fundamentals of life.  The W's of life are often questions we deal with on a personal level. 
    'WHO''s the body, soul, and personality that makes up our unique person.  There is no one else exactly like you so cherish that.  Embrace the differences in you. Be an original, not a copycat.
    'WHAT' ... the plan God has for you is specific.  The choices you make can make it a smooth or rocky path.  Don't be afraid of the future that is ahead.
    'WHEN'.. the storms will come but so will the rainbows.  God is in control so be trusting and thankful through it all.
    'WHERE' .. turn to the Bible when you have a decision to make.  Seek wisdom and it will be given to the heart and mind that is open and listens.
    'WHY'... often is never known, but that's ok. God works for the good of those who love Him.  It's in our best interest even when we don't understand.