Thursday, November 21, 2013

Friends at Betsy's House

Charity, Karla, my mom, September, Betsy
Charlene, Angie, Jessica
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       These are some of my rock solid friends who gathered together yesterday at Betsy's house.  We ate a wonderful lunch and had a good time of fellowship together.  There were also 13 kids, who all played well together.
       There is a big difference between friends and people you know.  Friends know and accept your ups and downs, your flaws, and your weaknesses.  Normally I won't take my air machine and use it with mixed company, even if I need it, but with this group of friends I felt more at ease.  Some of them may feel the same way with like nursing.  You feel accepted, no matter what.
      The bond of friendship is a blessing.  I am blessed by many but these ladies are on the extra special list.