Monday, February 13, 2012

Hot Topic


     I'm going to talk about a hot topic with me but I'll try not to get too hot about it.  We are all going to get sick from time to time but some of it's avoidable.
     I don't understand why some people 'think' it's okay to expose others to their or their kid's feverish illness. Love thy neighbor as thyself does not mean make your neighbor feel as bad as you do.  Nor does share the wealth include germs, viruses, or the flu.  This is not just a self centered blog but other people miss work and/or have unexpected doctor bills they can't afford just because of the exposure.  If you think that you're so important, that you can't miss church, school, work, or whatever...then I encourage you to take a moment to humble yourself.
    For all those who do stay home when sick, I thank you and Lord willing, will see you next time.



     I've lived most of my life in the South but a few years were in the North.  If you watch the news today, you'll see how many people should not be behind the wheel in anything but sun or rain.  I went from driving in Dallas to driving in Chicago and that will make you learn how to drive in bad winter weather quick.
    3 pointers for driving in slick conditions.  1] Slow down. Give yourself extra time to get where you're going.  A ditch is not a short cut.  2] Patience.  Those other drivers are usually more of a danger than your own driving.  Speeding around them because you lost your patience, could make you lose more control than you ever imagined.  3] Stay focused.  People often rubber-neck or gaze off during regular driving conditions but your brakes aren't that fast when it's slick. 
     Snow is the same in the north and south.  You don't have to freak out when driving in it, just take your time.