Sunday, April 21, 2013

Marriage Defined

A Godly marriage #protect it!!  Jesus defined it as between male and female  SEE Matthew 19:3-6

    Marriage defined by God is one man wed to one woman until death do they part.  Culture and the government may attempt to redefine it but the Word of God is forever and unchanging.  Alot of people use emotions or feelings to justify the wrong.  I like to use math in these instances to take all emotions out.  If 7=man and 8=woman, then 7 plus 8=15.  Ok so 7 plus 7, nor 8 plus 8 will ever equal 15.  They are not the same and therefore they cannot be defined the same.
     Yes, it all goes back to God giving Eve, not Steve, to Adam to be his mate for life.  We are all born with weaknesses and if yours is in this area, it is better to be single.  A single led life is better and happier than one that will turn you over to your desires and separate you from God eternally.
     My beliefs on marriage aren't just against gay marriage but also polygamy or any other twist on the true definition of marriage by God.  'Love the sinner, hate the sin and remember we are all sinners.'