Saturday, March 9, 2013

Never Changes

old things..ancient things..nothing is new under the sun..things..

    The world is often one big marketing strategy.  The Bible says 'there is nothing new under the sun.'  So we just put a new spin on the same old thing and call it new.  Today's topic was sparked by my hair gel.  The last time I bought it, it was Aussie Sydney Smooth but now it's Aussie Miraculously Smooth.  There was no miracle done in the lab to make it any better, nor does it do any miracle on my hair.  It's the same stuff with a flashier name to get me to buy it.
    The Bible never changes.  People often take away or add to its message to make it more appealing to us but that is wrong.  The Word of God is what is and that's enough.  The church today often tries to turn worship into entertainment but what our souls really need is the Truth, plain and simple.  We will all be held accountable to what the Bible says, not what our culture deems as right or wrong.