Saturday, February 16, 2013

Computer Time

10 Things You Can Do to be Safer When Shopping Online

   Some people find computers a challenge in their lives but I find it challenging to do without mine.  I have the flu but the world doesn't stop and I need to keep in touch.  My laptop is my relay to my sphere of the world since I don't use the phone.  I am receiving prayers, well wishes and encouragement through my laptop so it's a blessing in many ways.
    I know we've all felt like Cliff at times, but just be patient with yourself and ask for help if needed.  There is never a dumb question.  There are clues that will point out your lack of computer savvy.. like saying 'www' before every website, pushing the keyboard keys like an old typewriter, or not knowing computer shorthand like 'lol' or 'idk'.  It's okay, none of us knew at some point.
    Part of staying young is keeping our minds sharp, so keep after it.