Wednesday, November 23, 2011



     Okay let's face it, this is what most of us are going to look like or at least feel like tomorrow.  There is more food left but you're jam packed.  How blessed are we to have a kitchen full of food at our fingertips. After going to two grocery stores looking for a young chicken fryer and finding them both sold out, I wondered if more families were having chicken instead of turkey this year?  With the cost of Thanksgiving dinner in all aspects going up and the number of people without jobs, it could be.  People want to preserve the holiday tradition but must adapt within their budget. That's okay, its not about 'what' you're eating but who and what you have to be thankful for. The Compassion Center is feeding the homeless and needy all weekend at the fairgrounds. I'm sure with the economy the way it is, there will be more people there seeking a hot meal to celebrate Thanksgiving.  The location that you stop and acknowledge what you're grateful for is also unimportant. God looks at our hearts not at the fluff.
     Whatever you're having and wherever you're at, give thanks to The One who provides for all your needs.  We have much to be grateful for.