Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weirdo Removed

     Today I went to the dermatologist and had a mole removed. The biopsy of it on my first visit came back as 'atypical cells.' So I was referred to a skin cancer specialist. He said today, it wasn't melanoma but just a weird mole that needed removed. They took a 3'' size football off of my abdomen. Dave Sanders called it a 'tummy tuck'...lol.  So far its been no big deal and painless.
     This was a very minor trial, if I'd even call it that. I've copied some truths from intouch.org to help you deal with the trials you face and how to respond. 

1. God is in full control of the timing and intensity of your trial and will not allow it to go beyond His boundaries.
2. He has a specific purpose for your suffering which you may not understand until it is over.
3. This trial will prove to be profitable if you submit to God and trust Him through it.
4. Trying situations are opportunities for faith to prove genuine and grow stronger.
5. When you endure extreme pressure with unexplainable peace and joy, the Lord will demonstrate His sustaining power to a watching world.
6. Your difficulties are used by the Father to produce Christ-like character.
7. God will walk with you through all trials.
8. The Holy Spirit will enable you not only to survive but also to come out a conqueror.