Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Spot

me today

    I think this caption is a true reflection of me the past couple of weeks.  I'm in my favorite place to be and eating everything within reach.  Do you have a favorite chair or an area just to call 'your space'?  It is comforting to be there and can conform to your body's needs like a glove.
    Now we do have to be on guard of becoming a couch potato.  'You don't have to move fast but you do have to move.'  A big risk of the flu is the development of pneumonia due to inactivity.  Pushing yourself within reason can benefit you as much as rest will.  It's a balancing act.
    As I miss out on the fun activities of this weekend, I will focus on the joys of my still moments.  I'm eating like a fat queen, I'm comfortable, I'm not in pain, I'm content with my circumstances, I've got my bed buddy [Tiger] by my side, and I have hope that this too shall pass