Saturday, September 8, 2012

A God Thing


     The other day, my dad was working on the sprinkler head in the front yard.  As he was busy with it, he saw the golf cart start moving on its own and headed down the hill.  He jumped up and chased after only to go splat in the driveway.  All he could do now is watch as it made its way toward the street.  Thankfully, it hit a rock and turned around and stopped.  The rock was definitely a Rock thing.
      I think we see this often with others, if not within ourselves.  Seeing others on the road to danger or disaster and feeling as if we have nothing we can do to stop it.  We can chase after them only to be ignored or yell warnings to watch out and be turned a deaf ear.  Prayer is the best intervention.  Sometimes hitting that rock bottom is what turns people around.  'Lead me to that Rock that is higher than I.'
      In all things, pray continuously.  God doesn't give up on us so don't give up on His ability to intervene.