Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bless Our Nation

Psalm 22

     Our founding fathers of our nation knew the importance of the blessing of God in its formation.  How far we have strayed from that is almost too great to describe.  Even in my short lifetime, the changes are widespread.  'In God we trust' is still on our currency but is it true?  The liberal movement to take God's name out of schools, public areas and everywhere shows the arrogance of self-reliance.  Will we not be punished for arousing the Lord's anger?  As I'm reading 2Kings now, it tells how different kings and nations either did evil in the sight of the Lord or followed the Lord's will.  What would our account be written as in the annals of America?
     How do we counteract these evil forces?  We must witness to others and the next generation.  We must stand firm in our faith thru all the trials we encounter.  We must elect officials with values like our own beliefs.
     The following is a letter and commentary from my friend, Twylia.  It is a letter between two WWII soldiers that shows the power of sharing your belief in God.

''“Dear Buddy,
Just a note to tell you some good news.  Forty years ago while we were trapped in a fox hole thinking each shot would be the last, I heard you say “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.’  Two weeks later when you were hit in the eye with that hand grenade and we were prisoners and couldn’t get you any help I heard you whisper, “The Lord is my Shepherd again”.  Then as we were able to get you to the river and strapped you to a log to float you down to a first aid station, thinking we were telling you good bye for the last time, you clasped my hand and said, “Elmer, the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want”.  Sunday I went to church and the choir sang, “The Lord is my shepherd”, I remembered you saying it so much.  As the choir sang, I heard the Lord say, “Elmer I am your Shepherd”.  Earl, I ran to that alter and fell on my knees and poured out my heart to Him in prayer.  Now I can say as you did He truly is my Shepherd.  As you will well remember, I was an alcoholic but those words you whispered never really left me.  I want you to know, son, the seed you planted over 40 years ago are just now beginning to blossom.  You lived such a good life before us, we love you for it.  Thanks for witnessing to us even when we were drunk, but most of all thanks for living a Christlike life.  I will always be grateful for you.  Earl, I know this will be hard for you to believe, but I am a changed man.  Thanks again my great buddy for your faith, prayers and friendship.  I will be looking forward to seeing you at the reunion in August.  There aren’t too many of us left.  I am looking forward to telling the gang this year that “The Lord is my Shepherd.  Praise his Holy name”….Love, Elmer.
 Never underestimate the power of a seed.  We may never even see some of our seeds sprout here on this earth, just like Earl, but we will know about it in heaven.  The hearts in each generation will pass on to the next generation.  Psalm 145:3-7 says, “Great is the Lord and highly to be praised; And His greatness is unsearchable.  One generation shall praise Thy works to another, And shall declare Thy mighty acts.  On the glorious splendor of Thy majesty, and on Thy wonderful works, I will meditate.  And men shall speak of the power of Thine awesome acts;  And I will tell of Thy greatness.  They shall eagerly utter the memory of Thine abundant goodness, And shall shout joyfully of Thy righteousness.”  Are we praising, declaring, meditating, speaking, telling, uttering, shouting?  Are we passing it on?  

      Have a happy 4th and may you be blessed by the seeds you plant.  Pray for our leaders and our nation to turn to God for direction so that America will be blessed and bring Him all the glory.