Thursday, May 3, 2012

Common Sense


     Has common sense not only left the building, but the Earth too?  Have you found it to be a scarce commodity too?  I read that it's so rare these days that it should be considered a superpower.
     Last night after church, we went to Tutti Fruitti to get my frozen yogurt fix.  [The coffee flavor is to die for..yum]  Anyways, it is in a strip mall along with a fitness gym.  As we drove past the gym, there were two ladies out there smoking after their workout.  Seriously?  Are you gasping for air from the workout or from the toxic fumes you're purposefully inhaling?  I'd bet on the smoke killing them faster than the fat.  I wonder if I am the look they are going for, skinny with a mask?  I don't recommend it.
     Another common sense question I personally get is 'does that go backwards?'  If I had a dollar for everytime I've driven my scooter on an elevator and been asked  Of course I'm polite and say yes.
What I'm thinking tho is 'no, I'm gonna ride up and down for hours and wait for a miracle to get me out of here.'  Aren't you glad I don't say everything I think? lol
     The folks with the least amount of common sense are those who say there is no God. Even the devil knows that God exists.  His evidence surrounds us.  There is no where you can go without proof that He exists and created what's in front of you.  Psalm 89:8  ''Who is like you, LORD God Almighty? You, LORD, are mighty, and your faithfulness surrounds you.''