Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What You See

tiny teacup pig

     We've all been there with something on our nose, mouth, teeth, etc.  We've also all probably seen the evidence on others and pondered whether to tell them.  'Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.'  Yes, tell them.. it should be a law.  Who hasn't been out and come home to discover some obvious embarrassment and thought 'why didn't anyone tell me?'
     What do you see most in people?  The flaws or the good qualities.  Colgate has a new ad out that proves people will notice something in your teeth before a physical deformity.  I looked at it myself and never even noticed the 7 fingered hand.
    Where is our focus on what we see and think of others?  Most people want to hide their weaknesses but it's not always possible.  Therefore, you embrace your weaknesses and they will make you stronger.  Our reactions to what we see as out of our norm says more about us than them.
     God cares more about the inside than the outside of each of us.  Is my body of 40-plus years and any physical hardware that helps me really going to matter in an eternal timespan?  No, but how you handle any suffering will.  So if anyone thinks more of your physical flaws than of you then they really don't know you at all.  It's their problem and loss, not yours.