Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Way Back Wednesday......I Have Plans For You

     Well this is about as far back to my beginning as I have blogged about before.  Now this is what the 70's looked like...the hair, the striped pants, the vinyl couch.  Good thing I came along to add some style to this place, huh?  Just kidding. 
     The beginning for me started in Conway, AR.  Both my parents were students at what is now UCA.  It was Sept 2, 1971 when I arrived at 1;31am at Conway Regional Hospital.  [I think they're still trying to get a refund on]  No, they were/are proud parents.  My mom doesn't exactly recall how long the delivery took because she thinks she passed out.  Back then, dads weren't allowed in the delivery room and he wasn't happy about the nurse not letting him carry me out of the hospital.
     I'm sure they knew God had big plans for both them and for me.  Did it turn out how they imagined?  No, but we all know that His ways are wiser than ours.  We have all prospered through trials and triumphs.  He has protected us from harm over the years. 
     The future is not scary because of the hope given thru Jesus Christ. Some may think, this is not what I planned for my life but it was planned before you even came to be.  You're the co-pilot, not the pilot.  I will one day be face-to-face with my Creator and thank Him for my well thought out life plan.  I have been blessed with great parents and a great life.......and I'm not even done yet.  Looking forward to the future plans ahead.