Sunday, August 10, 2014



         My name is Angie Bridger and I am addicted to jeans.  Haha, but seriously true.  I may be the Imelda Marcos of jeans.  Denim just can't be beat by any other fabric for comfort and style.
        When I was a teenager, it was a rare occasion to find me in anything but jeans.  One time, my dad went to NYC on a business trip and I asked him to make a special stop at Macy's for some denim overalls by Guess.  As time went on, the denim got heavier to me and the button became an aggravation.  So began my switch to knit pants that weren't a chore to wear.  Comfort and ease trumps jeans when wearing them wears you out.
        Well one benefit now with having to have help in getting dressed is that jeans are back in my life.  Yes, going overboard with the number of jeans I own is a side effect of doing without for YEARS.  Jeans are my weakness, but there could be worse things, right?