Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Way Back Wednesday---Kindergarten Grad


      Well I didn't know until now that I had a doctorate degree.  You can now start calling me Dr. kidding.  This was my first of three diplomas in my life. 
      We lived on Flagstone Street off of Kiehl Avenue back then, that's one street west of the skating rink.  I went to a private school called Lil People School for kindergarten and first grade.  I loved it.  They stayed open until 6pm to give parents time to get there after work to pick kids up.  They offered a variety of different after school classes.  I was first put into dance class with ballet and tap.  Well after discovering I had two left feet and no rhythm, I moved into baton class. You might notice in the picture that my shoes, that later became fashionable, were not a stylish statement by me.  These were corrective shoes that were a precursor to my braces.
       I think it's important to make education an important aspect in a child's life at an early age.  A lil graduation for a lil people group makes it fun and special.  Getting a good start to a hopefully long road of education is priceless.