Monday, November 3, 2014



                  What do you think of as you look at this picture of the goldfish?  I'm sure it is different for each of us.  Feeling defensive, fake appearances, swimming alone in this world?
                  What I think of in this picture are my 'accessories' that help me get by in this world.  I began my accessory collection at age 6 with leg braces.  I didn't really start adding to my collection till I was in my twenties.  Now my baggage is quite a load for such a small person.  Although I'm grateful for all my medical equipment, I long for the freedom that awaits me in heaven with my new body.  I will be unhindered and capable in all ways.
                  So most of you out there do feel free, but none of us have escaped from being strapped with sin.  We are born into sin and will die still struggling with sin.  Yet we are promised to be released from that sin thru the freedom that only the belief in Jesus can give. So if you feel tied down by the world, seek out the Lord and find your true freedom in Him.