Tuesday, December 13, 2011


decide to fix things

     Are you a good decision maker?  Some decisions need to be thought over with ample time but other decisions need to be made with a quick response.  Often people want to pass the buck and have others decide for them.  I think this can develop into a bad habit.  Some of the most important questions in life are only left for you to decide.
     One day I was on my way home after work.  There is about a two mile stretch of interstate between work and my exit to go home. I was headed east-bound when I noticed a tractor-trailer tire was bouncing towards me from the west-bound lanes.  I don't know where it came from but I knew I had to think fast.  I could slow down and maybe it would pass in front of me? But I couldn't go in reverse if need be.  Or I could speed up and pass it before it got to me?  If I speed up and we meet, it'll be quick and over.  I had about 5 seconds to decide how this story would end.  The tire was now in the median.  You would think it would fall over but no, it didn't.  I floored it, as you might expect if you know me very well.  The tire passed behind me somewhere and no other cars got hit either.
     The fatal tire will hit each of us someday and we most likely won't see it coming.  Your time is now to make decisions about your life and your eternal destiny.  Don't wait too long!