Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One, Two... and Three?

be gracious

     Okay so I can do the first two things in this caption with no problem, but the third does just about kill me at times.  Giving grace is not my specialty.  'Always be kinder than you feel' is a good starting place.  You may feel irritated by a mistake someone made but if we remember our own faults then a little grace will soften your blow.
    Now I'm not gracious like Princess Diana or Grace Kelly either.  I think I was in dance class for about two weeks before the teacher recommended that I switch to baton class.  Some of us just don't have the genes to walk on air but instead we stumble thru the best we can.
   'His grace is greater than your sins.'  There is no limit on what the grace of God can cover.  'His grace is sufficient.'  He will not take you further than His grace will carry you.  It is an amazing grace.