Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ugliness Revealed


''God don't like ugly.''

                  Yesterday we were in downtown LR to run a couple of errands.  While I was waiting in the van with my mask on, a couple of ladies went together to pay the parking meter.  They were dressed really nice and were laughing and smiling.  One of the two, walked my way and her smile instantly went to a snobbish frown as she looked at me.  Right then and there, she turned as ugly as the wicked witch of the west.  Who I just had thought was pretty had just shown her ugly heart.
                  You may think 'well she just doesn't know you or understand' but when God said 'love your neighbor', He didn't add limits.  Lots of people smile, wave or nod when given the same opportunity.
                 We often get caught up in how we look in our clothes and makeup, but our true colors are  revealed by the compassion of our heart.