Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cirque de Soleil

Karla and I headed to the show

Aerial acrobats.. so cool

Opening for the Michael Jackson tribute

Towards the end of the show

Selfie shot of us
Yea, we know how to have fun



                       Last night, we went to the Cirque de Soleil's Immortal Tour show at Verizon Arena...... thanks to my dad for his taxi service.  Karla and I had a great time watching the dancers, the acrobats and contortionists all perform.
                       The show began with a mime doing a skit.  Then we saw a female pole dancer who took strength to a whole new level.  How can one support their whole body with one hand upside down on a pole?  Next, we saw aerial dancers on rings with black body suits covered in lights.  The lights changed into many different colors... a pretty sight.  Then, we saw two aerial acrobats doing a beautiful dance in mid-air. Trust is one word to describe it.  Throughout the show, we saw different dance sequences to all the different songs by Michael Jackson.
                      Probably the most awe-inspiring performer throughout the show was a dancer that was an amputee, at the hip or somewhere way above the knee.  He was AMAZING, to say the least.  He could dance in ways I can't even describe and as fast as anybody out there.  He could break-dance as well as anybody I've ever seen.  What an inspiration to everybody in the crowd and he got a deserved standing ovation. 
                     All I can say is we had fun seeing a show that is hard to describe.  It was a good tribute to all of the great songs of Michael Jackson.