Monday, August 15, 2011


     Awhile back we went out to dinner at The Villa in Little Rock. Its one of my favorite italian restaurants. Not only is the food great but its quiet and you never hafta wait. Well the tables aren't too far apart so the next table is within hearing range, at least for my good ears, without conscious eavesdropping. So that night, the table next to us was a grandmother and her about 7yr old grandson. I don't know why a 7yr old needs a cellphone for but whatever. The little boy played games on the phone the whole time they were there. Yes, she threatened to take it away but no follow thru. His ENTIRE meal got cold and ended up in a to-go box. As they left, she said 'you want to go get a scoop of ice cream?' He said, 'yes, but I want two scoops'.
     Are you as baffled as I was? WHAT are you teaching this kid?  DISRESPECT--she was just a meal ticket and not important to talk to, NO MANNERS--adults with cellphones at the table is bad enough, NO CONSEQUENCES--empty threats do more harm than good, and GREEDINESS--more, more, more, no, no, no.
     Kids learn in every setting of every day. Be careful what you're teaching them.