Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Way Back Wednesday--- My Mobile Phone

       This was my mobile phone way back when.  Yes, I had many conversations on it.  They were probably more important than some of those I hear now days, ha.
        Now I don't talk on the phone at all.  I say if you want to talk to me directly, send me an email or chat message.  Conversations are important, as we are meant to be social beings.  Sometimes it just lets us get things off our minds, it gives encouragement or just a listening ear.  It also helps keep us accountable.  'Ultimately the bond of all companionship is conversation.'
        'The real art to conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right time but also to leave the wrong thing unsaid at the tempting moment.'  If that hit you with a punch, it did me too. [sigh]  We can't just blurt out what first may come thru our minds, filter it first.
       We also have to be careful with the conversations we have with ourselves.  We can convince ourselves of doing things thru our point of view and disregard the truth.  Manipulation works on others as well as ourselves.  Talking ourselves out of doing a good deed thru excuses is a prime example.
       May all your conversations be worthy of listening to.