Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pop To It

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      Well, I can tell you I am no pop-tart and I don't pop out of bed.  Even when I could get out of bed on my own, I didn't jump out of bed.  I need a few snooze button minutes or just a few minutes to think about the day ahead.  What if your bed did spring you out of bed?  Would you hit the ground running or go buy some tie down straps?
      We certainly want others to jump to our needs or wants on occasion.  C'mon, let's go already, or get on with it might be some phrases used.  I'm glad the Holy Spirit pushes us gently in what we need to do in obedience with what we've been given.
      Every day is a new opportunity for us to get what God wants us to do done.  We should pop to it with a spring in our step.  I know those first few steps in the morning may take a lil caffeine push but we can do it.