Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let the Games Begin

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     Last night was such a fun time at the Women of Faith's ornament exchange party.  Before I tell you about it, I want to give praise for going 4hours and 20 min without my air machine. Awesome, especially since I've been coughing for 2 weeks.  Okay, now about the party.  We started out with singing Christmas carols, then a missionary update letter from Lesley and then soup/salad from the Olive Garden. I didn't eat because of my cough but everyone else seemed to really enjoy it.  In the past, we've ate at a restaurant and then gone to someone's house.  Having it at the church's fellowship hall was so much better.. no distractions, less traveling and we could be as loud or quiet as we wanted.
     The ornament exchange game...oh my goodness, these women are  If you think I'm competitive, watch out, these ladies are on a whole other level.  There was more wheelin' and dealing than Chicago's own Blagojevich could dream about. It was all in fun, even the 'trash' talk. I think everybody ended up happy with their ornament they took home. I know I did, even tho one of my best friends was the first to steal it from me.  Three of us formed an alliance and dealed till we all got our desired ornaments.
     What a great night all around. Looking forward to next year's party.