Monday, August 25, 2014


         To live in the present and make it memorable is a key to happiness.  Each day is a gift from God and although we often take it for granted.. it is not promised to us.
         Will what you did today have a lasting impact?  It is often the little things that matter most.  A kind word, an unexpected compliment, a shared doesn't take much to make a person's day.  We all need joy boosters in our lives.
         Accepting where you are in life is part of maturity.  You are where you are in life based on your choices, goals and self motivation, if you don't like it.. change it.  Some things we cannot change so then we just look for the bright side of those situations.
         Last night, I used my air during part of the church service.  As my pride struggled, I considered the blessing of my air being portable.  I was where I wanted to be and accepting what I needed helped me visit with others after the service and made the most out of my day.