Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's a God Thing

    Sometimes we can watch the news and it can be so discouraging, that we just shut it off.  Other times tho, we can hear of God's work at hand in a miracle.  The story of Kali Hardig is a definite 'God thing.'
    Who would have thought that swimming in a freshwater pool could have such lethal risks?  Kali got infected with a parasitic amoeba that attacks the brain tissue.  The doctors at ACH gave her an experimental drug that rid her spinal fluid of the amoebas.  She is one of 3 survivors to this bug and continues to make progress every day.
    The Hardig family has also shown a 'God thing' of grace in not speaking maliciously against Willow Springs park.
    God has used Kali to demonstrate His great power in love and healing to so many of us.