Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dance Like You Feel

I didn’t know there was a word for what I do…

                 Do you ever dance like nobody is watching?  If not, you should try it sometime.  Let go and let the rhythm take control.  The last time I remember dancing on two feet was in my first apartment in Dallas to 'Holiday' by Madonna.
                The other day at the John Mellencamp concert, I got up the nerve to do a spin in my chair.  Well my speed was on 2 [slow], instead of 5 [fast], and my spin went only half way before it stopped.  I looked and felt pretty stupid.  I went back to my designated spot and it took a few songs before I was feeling the groove enough to try it again.  I did though.
                Life should not be about regrets, but about those memories when you took a chance.  Don't live life caring about what other people 'think' but do what pleases God and your heart.  If the world is your guide, you'll be led astray.  If God is your guide, you'll have the Master by your side.