Thursday, August 1, 2013

Laugh Thru It

    Well this caption is true in that you must find the humor in the difficult moments.  After reading this post, you may think Karla and I are a little warped.  ''We don't care!!''
    Not during this current illness of mine, but one like it several months ago I was doing my usual coughing routine.  As my face is looking directly into what I just coughed up, I think to myself  'that looks like a lil gnome guy.'  As I contemplate whether to share my weird thought with Karla or not, she says outloud my exact thoughts.  We described what we saw and just laughed at the weird wavelength we were both on.  If it wasn't so gross, we'd have taken a picture.
    We all have our trying moments but laughing about it can remind us not to be so serious in those trials.  I heard yesterday that '5 minutes of laughing is worth 15 minutes on the treadmill.'  Now which do you prefer?