Thursday, October 8, 2015


CHILD OF THE STAR BREATHER — a good way to live:

            ''Grace, grace, God's grace... grace that is greater than all my sin.''  Are we grace givers or fault finders?  We are not called to be like other Christians, but to be like Christ.  His way is the only way.
             We are all sinners.  The dirt and gold co-exist, but how deep do we dig and what are we looking for in others?  Relationships are built on mutual respect and love for one another, despite the differences we all have.
             Because I am so dependent on others, I often have to let go of 'my way' of thinking or otherwise I'd be a fault finder to someone else's way of doing something.  Jesus is the only one who has lived this life perfectly.  He is our role model, and no one else.  We must humble ourselves because the moment you think you've got it all together, is the moment you just lost it.