Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gain, Yet Forfeit


Mark 8;36  ''What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?''

          There are 3 points to keep our soul in touch with God and not fall for the ways of this world. 1] Deny thy self, 2] Pick up your cross, and 3] Follow Jesus.  We are not of this world but merely passing through it.

         ''We must deny ourselves absolutely, we must not admire our own shadow, nor gratify our own humor; we must not lean on our own understanding, nor seek our own things, nor be our own end.'' We are more than flesh and blood but more importantly souls within this body.
          The troubles or afflictions of Christians are referred to as crosses.  So to 'pick up your cross' is to ''manage our affliction so it is not a stumbling block or hinderance to our service to God.''  When our focus is on what we can't do, then what we can and could do gets lost in the shuffle of our priorities.
         ''To do well and suffer ill, is to follow Christ.''  We follow Jesus because we trust in His birth, death and resurrection and His Word guides us in how to follow Him.  The world and its ways are not trustworthy so don't forfeit your soul for it's lies.

           We are each responsible for our own souls by accepting or not the grace that saves us and was afforded for each of us.