Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Way Back Wednesday--- DNA Testing


     Well with the crappy results of the presidential race delivered to us last night, I thought this would be an appropriate time to stick with the same theme.  So I'm going to talk crap today, literally.
     The picture above is of me at work doing the mail.  We had to open and make an account log of the samples we received each day to be tested.
     My specialized job at the lab, for which I was hired, was DNA testing.  It was a brand new way of testing at the time.  In the mail, I would receive an arm length glove that had been used to get a fecal sample from a cow.  Yea, gross.  I'm no country girl either.  I had to take the poopy samples and dilute them with water before running a 3 day test.  This test was for Johne's disease in cattle.  This is a chronic mycobacterial infection that affects the lower intestine of cattle.  My test was looking for the presence of that bacterial DNA.
     I also did DNA testing on turkeys.  The samples were provided by throat swabs to get the DNA.  This test was for avian mycoplasmosis, which is a contagious respiratory infection in turkeys.  I did have one sample come up positive and the whole flock was killed.  I felt pretty bad about it.
     So I don't have any wise words except that your job may involve things undesirable to you but that was my job.  Some attitudes today prevent folks from getting a job because people think they're too good or above that.  You're not.  Any job is better than a government handout that makes other people pay your way.